I really like this video for Myles Manley‘s new single ‘Next Please’, off his forthcoming Greatest Hits 2011-2013 collection. It could also double as a tourism promotion for Dublin, featuring various parts of the capital at its best, alongside shots of Manley recovering in a hotel room as well as hanging off a bridge. Idiosyncratic is the best way to describe Manley, who just kind of does what he wants. He explains his raison d’etre during the five-minute-plus track. “if you want to go out, then feel free,” he sings while throwing shapes on the beach as the sun beats down on him. Harmless Noise premiered the track a few weeks ago, and got an explanation as to what the track is about: “‘Next Please was composed around February of this year, and takes its subject matter partly from the global furore surrounding marriage equality; brought into focus on a personal level by the civil partnership of Myles Manley’s father in May. In a broader sense, it questions notions of expectation, commitment and normality in a human life.” The video for ‘Next Please’ was directed by Bob Gallagher. Myles Manley’s Greatest Hits 2011-2013, which collects his EPs to date, is released on September 6, with a launch gig in Whelan’s on September 19.