After a couple of EPs, September Girls are ready to unveil their debut album. Comprising members formerly of Talulah Does The Hula, The Chalets and Neosupervital, September Girls release their first LP on Fortuna Pop records in January. Before that though they’re looking to Cassette Store Day, which takes place next month, and comes on the heels of the successful Record Store Day. The Dublin five piece will release ‘Ships’ via Haus of PINS records on September 7. It’s a pulsating 3.44 minutes, with an intense intro giving way to waspish vocals that are bathed in echo and reverb, so much so I still can’t really make them out. According to the Von Pip Express, the blog which premiered the track yesterday, Caoimhe sings: “You can see reasoning and common sense far away in the distance, but you are too immersed to help yourself.” I might figure them all out with another few listens – you should too!