Culture Night on Friday last, September 20, seemed like a success right around the country. I was working til late so only got to a couple of late gigs in Cyprus Avenue and the Pavilion. Jim Carroll has a good piece on the value of culture here, but hopefully the night did spur something in people and we’ll see galleries, venues and our other cultural landmarks get a little bit more footfall in the coming days, weeks and months – because remember kids, culture isn’t just for one night, it’s for life. All pics after the jump, by Brid O’Donovan. You can see more from her night here.

Vertigo Soundscape:
Let’s start on the 17th floor of County Hall and one of the most intriguing events of the night, Vertigo. A collaborative project between producers/composers Tim ‘Twin Lights‘ Fitzgerald and Jon ‘North Side Drive‘ Pearson, they created a seven-minute piece created especially for the space. You can listen to the soundscape, and download it, here.





Saint Yorda and Elastic Sleep, Cyprus Avenue:
Two of my favourite local bands didn’t disappoint in Cyprus Avenue on Friday night. The only downside was that the sets were so short. Saint Yorda have released two of my favourite songs of the year in ‘Disco’ and its b-side ‘Great Northern’. It’s my first time seeing them in ages and it felt as if they had gained a new-found confidence, the sound soaring. Elastic Sleep, meanwhile, I’ve seen a lot over the last four or so months. But I just can’t get enough of them. Chris Somers announced that they’re going to be releasing a 7″ single on Fifa Records early next year – they could probably pick anything from their catalogue of songs; they’re that strong.














Morning Veils and Grave Lanterns, The Pavilion:
There was a bit of everything in the Pavilion on Friday night, with Rory Francis O’Brien opening up proceedings with an acoustic set. In between Morning Veils and Grave Lanterns was Prof Ruff Chuff, who was showcasing dub reggae, not a genre I’m well versed in. It’s cool to take people out of their comfort zone though, and in terms of showing how diverse this city is in terms of music, well, what more could you want? Morning Veils – Aisling O’Riordan, Elaine Howley of Altered Hours and Ros Steer of Saint Yorda – I only caught the tail end of. A blend of harmonies, acoustic guitar and harmoniums, as the name might suggest it’s not the most uplifting of music, but still manages to be engaging. I look forward to hearing where they take things. Grave Lanterns finished things off at from about 1am. Comprising Dan Walsh of Great Balloon Race, Stink and Elastic Sleep, among others, Chris Somers of Elastic Sleep, Cathal Mac Gabhann of Altered Hours and Dan O’Connell, Grave Lanterns don’t let up once, with a frenetic show that would shake any cobwebs clear. It’s driven by Somers’ and Mac Gabhann’s distorted vocals, taking in a blend of Altered Hours’ psych buzz along the way. If Altered Hours are the best band in Cork, then Grave Lanterns aren’t far behind. A simply thrilling live band from start to finish.