I still can’t get enough of ‘Monolith’, the opening track on Sleep McEvox aka Steve McEvoy’s new EP. We first heard it at the start of August, and it sounds as fresh as ever. The EP is now available via the Italian label Bad Panda Records – you can stream it below. The murmured lyrics on the opening track are the only words throughout the EP’s 23 minutes. ‘Cerebullum’ is a five-minute blast of techno that almost outruns itself, while closing track ‘Popp’ only temporarily slows things down. It culminates in an outro that exudes confidence, three or so minutes that will force you to put your hands up and dance, even from the comfort of your laptop seat. The EP deserves to be the highlight of a party, be it house or club – it would sound perfect at a Floating Joints night in the Pavilion, actually! Sleep McEvox plays Hard Working Class Heroes tomorrow, Friday, at 9.20pm in the Twisted Pepper – the perfect place to hear the new tunes for the first and last time – McEvoy is off to South America until the summer. I heard the next EP might be a soundscape of the Amazon.