Dublin five-piece Spies have grand aspirations, evident since 2010’s debut single ‘Liars Call Me King’. Lyrically dense, they’re the band most likely to do a National – but they’re not there yet. ‘November Sun’ is their fourth release (you can listen to their previous singles and EPs on Spotify), and finds the band again in a gloomy place, which Michael Broderick says is “getting darker”. There’s no real chorus to be found on ‘November Sun’, with the epic guitars managing to hold attention over Broderick’s woah oh ohs. Technically it’s an accomplished track, but unlike the National, even their early stuff, it’s too cold to make a connection. But it feels like Spies are closing in on a track that will leave everybody floored. I can’t wait to hear that song. Until then, ‘November Sun’ will do. It’s going to feature on an EP due out next month. Spies play the Crane Lane in Cork on Halloween night, alongside Neon Atlas.