If Spies are Ireland’s version of the National, then maybe the Boxing Plot are aiming to be the Walkmen. There’s a frenetic buzz running throughout ‘Geist’, driven by intense drumming courtesy of Maurice Healy. Harry Ó Cléirigh’s vocals are deep, as if he’s doing an impression of his dad singing. “Lately I’m worried I’m seeing things,” he reveals – maybe that’s what the band are looking at in the photo above. The Boxing Plot, completed by Oscar Leonard on bass and Oliver Kelly on guitar, have been going since 2009 and admit that they’ve “just recently begun to emerge from their cave into the horrible, horrible light of day, armed with a few recordings and an exaggerated sense of self-worth”. We never get any closure as to whether Ó Cléirigh has actually been seeing things, as their advice is simply to take shelter, wait for whatever it is to pass. I like the track, but it feels like there’s something missing from ‘Geist’ – maybe it’s a little too measured, too in control in spite of what the lyrics suggest. Maybe the Boxer Plot are still searching for their sound – previous single ‘NSA‘ sounds like a Foals cover, for example. Both songs are interesting, though, and you’ll go back to it more than once, but you might feel like you’re after something more. You can buy ‘Geist’ on iTunes.