Arriving just in time for Halloween is ‘Creeping’ Up On You’ from Cork four piece Grave Lanterns. They had a handful of tracks up on Soundcloud for the last couple of years, but the band has changed into a more dramatic and driving machine, led by Cathal Mac Gabhainn (Altered Hours) and Chris Somers (Elastic Sleep), and completed by Dan Walsh (Elastic Sleep, Great Balloon Race) and Dan O’Connell (formerly of Terror Pop). Grave Lanterns are one of the best live bands in Cork at the moment and ‘Creepin’ Up On You’ is probably the best thing in their arsenal. The recorded version (courtesy of Somers at his One Chance Out studio) isn’t as bombastic as its live brother, but as the title might suggest, it’s still pretty spooky, coming across like a soundtrack to the Addams Family, Scooby Doo or something much more sinister. Grave Lanterns launch the single with a Halloween show in the Pavilion. Amazing poster for that is after the jump. Download ‘Creepin’ Up On You’ for free below.

grave lanterns pavilion poster