Let’s Set Sail are a five piece – Ian Dunphy, Marian Hughes, Colm Keenan, Warren McCarthy and Rob Molumby – from Dublin and have been together for a couple years. ‘Smitten’ arrives alone, without a b-side or any hint at what the group’s plans are. It’s a gorgeous song, one that takes its time to get going; unlike the burgeoning love of the couple at the centre of ‘Smitten’. But the love can’t last these four and a half minutes. The opening 90 seconds contain wistful, glassy-eyed lyrics where “the grass constructs a Mexican wave as the wind breaks the open air”. But then we’re told that the thoughts were faked along the way. Things soon come crashing down: “You don’t give me the time,” we hear as drums and guitars battle for attention. When the verse is repeated, it takes on a heavier feeling, with a fear of foreboding that the relationship will not survive. It’s no surprise, we’re told towards the end. But what is no surprise is not revealed. You might need a few tissues for the journey. You can download ‘Smitten’ by Let’s Set Sail here.