Dublin four piece Otherkin released their debut EP Broken English earlier in the year and have now followed it up with II, containing two (duh) new songs, ‘Bad Drugs’ and ‘Good Drugs’. They’re more confident than before, coming across like the Cribs or a snottier version of Ash (where have they gone, by the way?). “Know not to get involved, the recklessness gets you off,” they shout on ‘Bad Drugs’, adding that it takes effort. There’s a little bit of Alex Turner in the pronunciation here. ‘Good Drugs’ actually sounds more volatile than its predecessor, though no less brash. It’s built around rolling, Nirvana-esque drumming. “Been trying so hard lately to pull myself up,” they confess. There are no huge contrasts between ‘Bad Drugs and ‘Good Drugs’; both are good choices. You can download II for free over at Otherkin’s Bandcamp page.