I went through a few cycles with ‘Synesthesia’, a track by Dublin band Fiction Peaks. It was released to little or no fanfare at the start of last month, but Nialler9 picked up on it this week and, after a little bit of hesitation, I’m glad he did. It took a couple minutes to warm to, but eventually ‘Synesthesia’ won me over. It comes in on cold keys, with a less than hopeful voice admitting that “you’ve fallen and stumbled, you’ve threads on the rubble, your plans have faltered, but this game is up”. At over seven minutes long, Fiction Peaks – Brian Giles, Joey Doyle, Cillian Kenny and Daniel Doherty – don’t rush things, bringing in a spoken word piece by Paul Hendrick at around the 2.40-minute mark. There are religious undertones to the song, no less evident here, with Hendrick remarking that “the planet is alive, so reach out to the visionary”; ‘Synesthesia’ itself is build around the refrain “when angel’s wings sing to me”. The track really reveals its beauty after the spoken word piece, as if the sun starts shining through the dark clouds. Now things are being built up again, and hope is renewed, as Fiction Peaks revel in a blissful final 90 seconds. They say they’re in the process of recording their debut album, entitled Citizen, so for the meantime enjoy ‘Synestheia’, which you can download for free from their Bandcamp page.