The Northern Drones hail from Dublin and don’t put too much information up online – not that there’s anything wrong with that; well, they don’t put much truthful information up. Their Facebook page lists their members as ‘few, aye’, their general manager is ‘howard wilkinson’ and their influences are ‘benson and hedges’. The Northern Drones uploaded a new track to their Bandcamp page this week, ‘Earth Walker’, which is a slowly evolving shoegazey saga. I think there are vocals but they’re buried so down in the mix that you’d need a plunger to even begin to strain to hear what they’re saying. ‘Earth Walker’, a song title which I love, is taken “from unreleased, released 21 February 2037” (info is from Bandcamp, may not be truthful). You can download the five-minute-plus track for free at said Bandcamp page.