It’s a welcome return for Galway duo John Millane and Joseph Kenny aka Milan Jay, who have just unveiled their new single ‘How Well Do You Remember Dying?’ A curious title, it’s the first single to be taken from their forthcoming debut album, which they’re still working on and is due out sometime in 2014. Released on Milan Jay’s own label Philosophor Records, the track comes in on a heavy Beastie Boys style distorted bassline that drives the song from start to finish. It’s not really about dying – Milan Jay spell as much out for us when they say: “Leave it all behind I ain’t talking bout dying but rebirth leave real death to the dirt.” They’ve always been eclectic, so it’s hard to get an idea of how ‘How Well Do You Remember Dying?’ will fit into a 40 or so minute album. Millane says: “We’ve been hiding out in a small town in the west of Ireland working on an album. Watching the evenings getting darker and the leaves getting lighter for the second time since we started. Between thinking we’ve created something mind blowing and coming back the next day to find it’s complete bollox the songs are taking their time to reveal themselves. We have tended to jump genres on previous releases but with this album we are trying to make a collection of songs that work together. We’re getting there, we’re excited and the album should be out spring 2014.” ‘How Well Do You Remember Dying?’ is released digitally on Bandcamp, iTunes etc tomorrow, Friday, November 29.