Coasting in on an underwater bassline, ‘Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon’ is an unexpected treat from Richie Egan aka Jape and Conor ‘Villagers‘ O’Brien. Egan says he had been sitting on it for a while but because of some upcoming Irish dates supporting Villagers, including the Savoy in Cork on Monday, December 16, he decided to forge ahead with it. You can imagine ‘Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon’ fitting snugly alongside some of the bigger tracks on Ocean of Frequency, slowly and subtly becoming your favourite track (the title track is my favourite song on that album, by the way). It’s a swirling sea of synth and late-night bass riffs, one where Egan says he’s “drawn a sacrifice”. “I need the soft protection that no other could supply,” he tells us later as he drifts off towards a faded rainbow. He conjures some beautiful images, like the opening line: “Bewitching weakness appears at my gate” and “Her love song’s the sweet release, the unfinished boats we were building that sank on the chemical sea”. I don’t think O’Brien’s vocals feature but Egan’s hint at sadness. He writes about its roots below the song.

Egan says: “I thought it would be nice to let you hear a track that Conor O’Brien and I made together a while ago, with Glenn Keating providing drums and advice afterwards. The original plan was for me and Conor to take a song of each of ours and let the other one embellish it. This was a track I had written a while back on acoustic guitar, one night Conor came to my house, bringing his 808 and we stayed up all night recording, turning it into a different beast. It was a really magical night, constantly working until morning and then we had the basic bones of the track, I kind of let it sit on my hard drive for a good long time but then when these gigs came along Glenn and me took the track into his studio and recorded some extra drums and synths. Then I took it home to Malmo and mixed it myself in my little studio there. I’m classing this as a home mix. I’m not sure if it will end up any place else or even it might get remixed some place else, but either way I hope you enjoy it, and thanks a lot to Conor and Glenn for being such musical inspirations to me. Richie photo by Emelie Lidstrom.”