Over the course of December, we’ll be running a series of interviews with Irish acts reflecting on the past 12 months, how it was for them and for music in general.You can read all the interviews to date here. Crayonsmith is the latest act to be featured.

Dublin trio Crayonsmith released their third album Milk Teeth via Out On A Limb in October. They support Villagers and Jape at Seapoint in Galway on Saturday, December 14.

How has 2013 been for Crayonsmith? What have been the highlights of the year?
Ciaran: The Out On A Limb 10-year birthday bash, our album release gigs and the very positive reviews that Milk Teeth received. Also, getting to wrap 2013 up by playing with Villagers and Jape in Galway, both of whom we really respect.
Wayne: Getting to be involved in the Out On A Limb 10-year birthday do in Limerick was brilliant but obviously getting the album out and getting a good response was really great. Personally, doing the video for ‘Chrysalis’ was pretty satisfying when I finally managed to get it finished, which took a while. Actually just getting a physical copy of the vinyl in our hands was pretty sweet, too.

Is it a relief finally getting the new album out?
Ciaran: Yes! A long time coming and we couldn’t have worked on it any more after the amount of time we spent writing the tunes and mixing them.
Wayne: Big style.

How were the album tour dates around Ireland?
Ciarán: Dublin: Amazing! Brilliant support bands (Chirps + Rory Francis O’Brien) and deadly crowd. Cork: Very special gig. Rory O’Brien and the Great Balloon Race were fantastic supports. The Roundy is a lovely venue and the crowd were totally up for it. Overall, two big celebratory gigs with guest appearances from some of our friends on some songs.

Best gig you’ve played? And best festival you played/attended?
Richie: Cork. Attended for me would be the last ever ATP but Bjork at Electric Picnic probably surpassed anything even at that.
Ciaran: Dublin and Cork on this album release tour were two of the best I’ve been a part of. Really enjoyed paying Harvest Moon Festival in Schull. The organisers were lovely people. Best Festival attended: ATP and Primavera.
Wayne: I really enjoyed playing in Granby Park even though a load of shit went wrong with the gear. It was an unreal place to play and spend an afternoon, props to everyone involved. It wasn’t a festival but the Julia Holter gig in the Unitarian Church was very,very good.

What are some of your favourite songs of the year?
Richie: ‘The Western Line’ by Hidden Highways, ‘Miasma Sky’ by Baths, ‘Ohm’ by Yo la Tengo.

Ciarán: Cass McCombs (Feat. Karen Black) – ‘Brighter’, Bill Callaghan – ‘Javelin Unlanding’, Chris Cohen – ‘Monad’ (I know it’s 2012 but I listened to this one a lot last summer).

Which new bands, Irish or abroad, have you been impressed by this year?
Richie: Goat, Unknown Mortal Orchestra (think it could be their second record but first with proper distro?), Tvvins, Magic Pockets, Alarmist, Percolator, Rory Francis O’Brien (not all of them brand new but up and coming, and I’ve enjoyed what they’ve been at this year).

Ciaran: Irish: Women’s Christmas, Magic Pockets (can’t wait for his album in early 2014), the Great Balloon Race. International: Tame Impala – they were amazing at the Olympia in August. Why? in Whelan’s in May were fantastic. Big nostalgia buzz gig with mates who I spent many a party in 2006-8 singing along to Why? songs. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – loving their records and hope to see them live soon.

Wayne: I was that digging Unknown Mortal Orchestra as well, he’s not new but that album James Holden released earlier this year The Inheritors is a highlight. Irish bands that spring to mind would be the Great Balloon Race, Girl Band and Grave Lanterns.

What plans have Crayonsmith got in the works for 2014?
‘Chrysalis’ from Milk Teeth will be used in a noir/thriller short called Just Trust Me by Ian Lawton. Another couple of Irish headline gigs in Feb/Mar 2014 plus support slots/gigs with friends; writing new songs; another video hopefully. Would be great to play outside Ireland so if anyone is reading this outside Ireland and wants us to play their home town, give us a shout through crayonsmith@gmail.com or on Facebook!

What things other than music, have you been enjoying this year?
Ciarán: Youtube videos/articles on recording and production techniques by Dave Pensado. Learning more about sound synthesis from Dean Friedman videos. Two very fun guys to learn from! TV: Breaking Bad. Books: Dracula. Film: Only God Forgives, The Wicker Man (original with Christopher Lee).
Wayne: Film, watched Ben Wheatley’s Sightseers and Kill List at the start of the year and A Field in England recently; class. Reading Confederacy of Dunces at the minute and savouring it. TV, just watched Moone Boy there,very good. Like a bit of Jarvis Cocker on Sunday on BBC as well.
Richie: Film – A Field in England, Stoker. Books – Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace and short stories by Mike McCormack (Forensic Songs). TV – The Thick of It, The Trip and Peep Show.