Lumigraph must’ve been a seafaring man in a former life: he released an album entitled Nautically inclined on Opal Tapes earlier this year and is following that up with the Yacht Cruiser EP on Brooklyn’s Mister Saturday Night label. Clocking in at over six and a half minutes, Gareth Smyth has created a pretty killer summer tune, where the synth wobbles and whomps everywhere you could possibly want it to, where the hi-hat ticks along nicely, where the vocals sneak into the room and own it. According to the accompanying blurb to the track, Smyth “spent the summer of 2012 living in New York City. He filled his time recording sounds of the streets, making music in a small apartment and going out to parties, which is how he met the Mister Saturday Night guys. The songs on The Yacht Cruiser EP were all recorded in Brooklyn, and they are his first tracks ever to be pressed on vinyl.”