Saint Yorda last night announced that they were drawing the curtain down on their short career. Paul O’Reilly, Kevin Terry, Roslyn Steer and Chris Somers had come a long way since I first saw them supporting We Are Losers in An Realt Dearg in 2011 (I think), culminating, it seemed, in the wondrous ‘Disco’, which they released on white 7″ with Fifa Records in August. For We Play Here, our zine on Cork music that we released last month, we talked to 17 bands in the city, including Saint Yorda. While the picture of the gang is my favourite thing in We Play Here, it was also obvious talking to the other groups how highly Saint Yorda were regarded. A good few said they were their favourite band in the city, so I guess there are a few disappointed fellow musicians this morning, and even more mourning fans. Saint Yorda posted this message on their Facebook page last night:

Hello everyone,
We have an announcement to make.
Saint Yorda has come to an end.
We would like to sincerely thank everyone who has come to our shows, bought our single or just listened our music over the last few years. Your support and enthusiasm meant more than you know. We had a lot of fun playing for you, we hope you had fun too.
As a parting gift, here is a song that we recorded recently. It’s called Wake.

More music and pictures from Saint Yorda:









Saint Yorda live at the Pavilion

Saint Yorda live at the pavilion