Elastic Sleep announced their arrival in stunning fashion, alongside ‘Anywhere’, a blast of dream-pop and shoegaze that still excites six months on. A slew of gigs has cemented their status as one of the most engaging live bands around, while their cover of ‘You Only Live Twice’ was a wonderfully swirling mix of histrionics. Chris Somers talks about Elastic Sleep’s first year and what their plans are for 2014. You can read all the 2013 round-up features to date here.

Best gig you’ve played? And best festival you played/attended?
Mountain Dew, hands down. It was a great feeling, a very intimate gig and I think we played really well. There was all sorts of hijinks going on. Best one we (the royal we) attended was easily Electric Picnic. Where else on earth can you get MBV, Wu-Tang and the best chicken parmesan known to man all within walking distance?

What are some of your favourite songs of the year?
I think I only bought one album released in 2013 this year, which happened to be the O Emperor record. Cuts from that: ‘Holy Fool’, ‘Minuet’. I’m not very in touch, shall we say. Come back to me in 12 months. Wait, I remember now. K-X-P, ‘Dark Satellites’ from their second record is great. Also ’18 Hours’ from their debut. Probably the best 20 minutes of live music I’ve seen this year (I was very late) was them playing in Cork.

Which new bands, Irish or abroad, have you been impressed by this year?
It’s hard to call some bands new as most of them have been working really hard for years but only enter your mind as new when more people start to listen to them. Factory Floor were quite good at EP. I’m keen to hear the Shaker Hymn album when it comes out next year. We really liked Princess at Hard Working Class Heroes this year and are looking forward to seeing them again.

What plans have Elastic Sleep got in the works for 2014?
There should be a disclaimer here not holding us to anything we say. Everything can change very suddenly and often does without warning. The plan is to put out our ‘Leave You’ EP with Fifa in Ireland in the spring, tour the country and then go over to the UK and get it put out over there and play a few dates with a view to looking out to Europe. Towards the end of the year we’ll probably start working on an album and be equally vague about 2015 in the follow up to this interview. Don’t be surprised when we turn on a dime for our folk phase.

Finally, what things other than music have you been enjoying this year?
Tea. Lots of it.