On Monday, Clare trio C!ties announced they are going to be supporting 65daysofstatic in Dolan’s Warehouse in Limerick on January 16. They last played a show in June 2011, so there’s lots of excitement about this gig. Tickets available here. Eimear O’Donovan asked got Sean Hurson (bass), Eoghan McMahon (guitar) and Ian Malone (drums) together to ask them why they’re back, whether this is more than a once-off and what there favourite music of 2013 has been; 65daysofstatic may feature.

Due to geographical constraints, this conversation was conducted through an international group conference call via public payphone. Poor Ian kept running out of call credit and didn’t get as much of a word in.

So, you guys announced on Monday that you’re getting back together for a Limerick show supporting 65daysofstatic. Can you tell us a bit about this? How does it feel to be playing a gig with “one of the main reasons” ye became a band?
Eoghan: 65 were a massive influence on me for one, even down to how I view the guitar as an instrument – how it can fill out a piece of music without necessarily being showy. I relearned everything after hearing them. When Sean and Ian gave me some of their mp3s to listen to when we started I literally couldn’t believe this stuff existed.
Ian: It feels great, amazing, unbelievable, still a little hard to believe, and I’m waiting for someone to jump out and say it was all a joke.
Sean: It’s funny, when Ian first mentioned it, immediately I was pessimistic about how possible it would be to sort this – I live in Barcelona, we haven’t played a gig in over two years, and it’s the middle of the working week. But, in the back of my mind I think it’s probably physically impossible to say no to an offer to play with your favourite band. Plus, there’s a bit of excitement and adventurous spirit to it – when Ian and I were about 16 we flew to London purely to see 65, because we weren’t able to get into 18+ shows in Ireland. That excitement and youthful recklessness is definitely a factor here too, where I’m now flying in from Barcelona to play with them! I feel 16 again, giddy with excitement. So strange to cross off the biggest thing on a band’s ‘to do’ list more than two years after packing it in as well.

Are ye reforming? Is the show a complete absolute once off? Or have ye decided yet?
Eoghan: Yup – it’s a once off. This is the end of the bucket list.
Sean: Although, we did say in 2011 that it was going to be our last show, and now look at us! But, no. Last show.

What about the track in the video? Was it recorded back in 2011, or more recently?
Eoghan: That’s an old track we never got around to releasing at the time. It was one of the last ones we wrote together.
Sean: Yeah, just before we split, we grabbed a load of our good friends with cameras and audio equipment, because we realised if we didn’t, half of our songs would simply vanish when we did. There are a tonne more on our Vimeo page – mostly for nostalgia and posterity (us three are the primary audience of those videos these days) but forgetting to post ‘if.we.could’ back then turned out to be useful, gave us something to put out there this week when we announced the show!

(While we were in the middle of answering that question, word came in that one of the aforementioned friends that helped us so much throughout our time posted a shot of his flights home from London that he’s just after booking for the show. This is going to be emotional.)

Have ye found it difficult to co-ordinate songwriting/practising/jamming for the gig, with one member living abroad?
Sean: Absolutely – none of that has happened yet. Christmas this year is going to be less turkey and pints, and more remembering how to play songs we wrote.
Eoghan: It’s like starting all over again. But with zero room for error this time – not four years!

Are any of ye making music in other capacities (no wordplay intended) or under other names at the moment?
Sean: Where’s Ian?
Eoghan: Ian?
Sean: Yeah he popped in there for a bit, said one thing then vanished.
Eoghan: He’s doing something I think isn’t he?
Sean: Yeah that’s also why I asked, he’s the one most likely to have something. Are you doing anything, nah? I’m nat.
Ian: I’m currently in the process of writing some music with some extremely talented musicians, staying instrumental with lots of crazy guitar sounds, loops and a surprising amount of funk. We’re hoping to record a few tracks in the New Year so keep an eye out for the name Tetris Champion (although I don’t know if we’re 100% on that name yet).

And finally, what are yer top albums or EPs of 2013?
Sean: I think the obvious answer to this is Wild Light, the new 65daysofstatic album. If we don’t say that, we’ll be kicked off the support slot. But no, seriously, I was lucky enough to see some of those tracks live in Barcelona recently; they are dripping with atmosphere.

But that’s a given – other new releases I got obsessed with this year include Russian Circles, Vessels, TTNG, Moderat and Bonobo. Oh, and that Axes album was ridiculously good, really got into that after seeing them play the most fun-looking live show ever at ArcTanGent this year.
Eoghan: I’d like to put down mynameisj0hn, God Knows and Graeme S – The Struggle EP, because it’s fucking amazing and it’s DIY. That’s all I have really.

Sean: Ah man, that release is insane! Big up to j0hn, been pushing the boat out since forever.
Ian: What Sean said, also the new Daft Punk got a fair few listens, and the latest Dillinger Escape Plan.

Sean: OK, done. Will we end this in some way? It sorta ends unexpectedly.
Ian: So long, and thanks for all the f!sh.
Sean: Done.