Sleep Thieves released their debut album Islands in 2012 and for the past few months have been working on its follow-up, You Want The Night, which is out on US label Minty Fresh next year. The first taster, ‘Sparks’, was revealed a few months ago. Below the three piece discuss how their year has gone and the music they’ve been enjoying, both from home and abroad. Sleep Thieves play the Button Factory on Sunday, December 22, as part of a fundraiser for Pieta House.

How has 2013 been for Sleep Thieves? You’ve been holed up in the studio most of the year, right?
We have been writing and recording for our album, which was great. We set up our own studio so we could do it to our schedule, our way – very liberating.

What have been the highlights of the year for you guys?
Some great shows over the year, but when our advance single ‘Sparks’ blew up on the blogosphere and Minty Fresh (our new US label) came knocking, it was a real ‘whoa’ moment…

Best gig you’ve played? And best festival you played/attended?
The highlight came only last week I think, we played a warehouse gig in Dublin for Homebeat’s seconnd birthday. Amazing vibe at it, it was more Berlin than Dublin so let’s hope that style of show takes root – there is definitely an audience out there for it, we just need some more creative promoters like Homebeat to run with these new (to Ireland at least) concepts.

What are some of your favourite songs of the year?
Wayne is a gigantic fan of The Knife and followed them to Hamburg to see their new album unveiled, so ‘Wrap Your Arms Around Me’ is everything he was waiting for from them – stark, beautiful and uncomfortable all within one track.

Keith is terrible for catching songs when they come out, he is usually about a year behind the blogs. He is catching up though, loving the James Vincent McMorrow track ‘Cavalier’ as well as the new Jape and Conor O’Brien number ‘Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon’.

Sorcha has had her eyes opened this year to Mo (can’t find the line through the ‘o’ shortcut here!), the Danish singer especially after catching her at Longitude this year. Great live, but with songs to match…

Which new bands, Irish or abroad, have you been impressed by this year?
Looking forward to seeing what Tvvins have to offer in 2014. Have heard only small amounts of their stuff and it sounds very interesting. We played with Swords recently and we thought they were great. The most disappointing thing was they aren’t from Swords like Keith but we won’t hold it against them. Very nice fellows indeed.

What can we expect from Sleep Thieves in 2014? A new album, presumably?
Indeed you can, our single we previewed in September online is the first track from the album to be released first quarter 2014. We have teamed up with a US indie label, Minty Fresh Records, to release it in the States which we can’t wait for. Being mixed and mastered right now – so keep an eye on the interweb for announcements from us next year at

Away from music, what were the things you enjoyed this year?
Sorcha: Books: I loved On Canaan’s Side by Sebastian Barry and Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler Films: I loved Francis Ha ( Greta Gerwig was great in it) and Before Midnight. TV: I watched Orange is the New Black in a weekend, I’m also addicted to The Good Wife and hope there will be more episodes in 2014.
Keith: I play loads of games in my spare time, currently ripping it up on GTA 5 online, before that I think Battlefield 3 was in my Xbox since launch day.