Limerick trio Bleeding Heart Pigeons launched their debut EP, In A Room In Littleton, Colorado, released on Virgin Records, in Whelan’s last night. Three songs long, it references the Columbine school shooting in 1999 and is never anything less than engaging, worrying, but fascinating. I can’t imagine how it was for singer Michael Keating to put himself inside the minds of the killers. Lines like “The journey to school was a little different this morning.. I’m bringing all my dark fantasies to life,” on ‘Catharsis’ are troublesome. It’s not something you could imagine singing back at the band. On opening track ‘Visiting Myself In Hospital’, we’re told: “My parents wonder what went wrong… I’m dissected every day at school,” in a fizzing post-punk style. Later, on the 7.01-long ‘Premeditation’, he says: “Don’t blame my parents, there was nothing they could do.” The even longer third track culminates in Radiohead dystopia, with a single voice strumming a guitar (presumably in that room in Littleton, Colorado) and wailing: “And I ask myself what would it be like to have your consciousness wiped out at the speed of light and to have nothing left at all, nobody, nothing…” You’ll find yourself searching for answers throughout the EP. A stunning, immersive and horrifying experience. You can buy In A Room In Littleton, Colorado here.