Une Pipe have played around the fringes of Cork for a couple years and this week released their debut EP, Serge de Plaisir. I saw them live only once last year, at a show that the G-man put on in the TDC. I hadn’t thought much of their name until they brought out a pipe to accompany a particularly My Bloody Valentine-invested track. I didn’t think it worked then and I don’t think it works on the third track here, ‘Tainted Awnge; Fiddy Love’. Everything else over the course of the 25 minutes I can get behind, from the post-punk experiments at the start to the Black Keys guitar squeal of the final track. Elastic Sleep guitarist Brendan Riordan brings the accomplished MBV elements to the table, , and Une Pipe is completed by Colm Foley, Daniel O’Connell and Michael Creed. It’s hard to know exactly how serious to take Une Pipe – the accompanying press release reads like a trawl through Psychology for Dummmies and a thesaurus: “In its unrelenting pretension and unapologetic aggression, Serge de Plaisir psycho-sexually challenges pervasive conceptions of Surrealo-ontology, Post-structural hagiography and shakes to the very core what we mean by the phrase ‘the Afro-epistemological Paradigm’.” Track titles are a difficult one anyway, but become tougher/superfluous for an instrumental band, which is largely what Une Pipe is; though I did snigger at ‘Bono Is About As Useless As A Back Pocket On A Vest’. So just how serious should you take Une Pipe. It’s hard to tell – I don’t think the band knows either. Une Pipe play a free gig downstairs in the Pavilion on Thursday, January 16 – maybe we’ll find out then.