The Brooklyn-based Patrick Freeman has just released his debut solo EP, Perfect Fit. It was recorded in O Emperor’s Big Skin studio in Cork City and does a very good job of soothing the cold January evenings. I’m a big fan of Grizzly Bear, so more than once over the course of the three songs comprising the EP it felt like I could have been listening to Daniel Rossen’s output, either with the band or solo. The title track and opening song on the EP comes across as an uplifting effort, as long as you don’t listen too closely: “It’s all a perfect fit,” Freeman declares, before pondering the existential, “what is it that you’re after?” Ultimately it may leave you cold and crushed: “It’s just the pain that’s left that keeps you hoping for tomorrow. I jump and fall while you search the line…” The following two tracks are more classic folk-style tales that continue in the same vein, with the latter, ‘I Can’t Talk About It’, adding some country elements into the proceedings. Overall, a lovely listen, with a but. The Perfect Fit EP can be downloaded on a name-your-price basis on Bandcamp. Freeman launches the EP in Coughlan’s in Cork City on Friday, February 7.