Cork band the Hard Ground are crowdsourcing funding to help them release their second album Triptych. On Fund It, the five piece are looking to raise €8,000 to put towards the cost of recording, mixing, mastering and manufacturing the entire album. As the title might suggest, it’s not a typical album release. ” Each installment of the album will be released as a digital-only EP and will emerge over the course of a year. The final product, a collection of all three EPs, will be available as a digital and physical release.” The first EP, Triptych: One, is due out in late April. The band says: “The Triptych project has emerged as a response to the challenges and opportunities that the rapidly evolving music industry has presented to both musicians and listeners. The project is aimed at bridging the gap between the listener and the band and, likewise, between the band and the industry – it is a real time project that will be influenced by the band’s experiences over the duration of the year.”

The Hard Ground were interviewed for We Play Here issue one (PLUG!!!) last year, and hinted at this idea: “it is hard when you’re in a ‘regional’ band in Ireland at the moment. There’s a gap there at the moment where bands from around the country can get up to Dublin and struggle to bring in a crowd in a live sense. There’s a disconnect between the individual scenes that needs to be bridged. And that’s not just coming from down south up to the big smoke either – it can frequently be the same going the other way. Dublin based bands who can be very successful in Dublin and pull in big crowds can struggle to pull a crowd in other parts of the country. I think it’s something that needs to be addressed.”

So the Hard Ground are looking for €8,000 to help them release the follow-up to Broken Conversations. Rewards for contributing include: downloads of each EP as they’re released; handwritten lyric sheets; a handmade, personalised, laser-engraved Cajon (Peruvian hand drum) made by drummer Davie Ryan; and for €2,000 the Hard Ground will play a church/civil wedding ceremony and drinks reception, and compose an original song especially for the couple. There are lots more rewards too. To see them and contribute, go to their Fund It page.