Villagers channel their inner Muse for ‘Occupy Your Mind’, their first new track since second album {Awayland} arrived in January 2013. It’s a bit of a departure for Villagers, whose previous most balls-out rock number was probably ‘The Bell’. ‘Occupy Your Mind’ comes at a timely moment, with the Winter Olympics opening ceremony taking place in Sochi, Russia, tonight. The pre-Games talk has been dominated by Russia anti-gay stance. So Villagers’ song arrives with a note attached: “To whom it may concern, in the advent of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, please find enclosed a song written for you, your mother, your father and your gay brothers and sisters in Russia.” If you caught Villagers live in recent months, such as their Irish tour in December, you’ll recognise the song. ‘Occupy Your Mind’ was produced by James Ford and the video was directed by Alden Volney, who made the excellent video for ‘Nothing Arrived‘. You can download ‘Occupy Your Mind’ at iTunes.

‘Occupy Your Mind’ lyrics:
‘Cos it’s the funniest feeling
So let’s slip inside
Out of this world
Out of this life
‘Cos this place called Home
Is no longer mine
So now I need to occupy your mind

Well there’s a crack in the ceiling
And there’s a hole in the sky
And there’s a government warning
They don’t like our kind
But now it’s three in the morning
And I’m feeling just fine
And I just want to occupy your mind

Our bodies are dancing
Divisions all die
Eye of the beholder
Beholding the eye
And in this infinite space, dear
I can hardly feel time
And I just want to occupy your mind