Winter Aid aka Shane Culloty released his debut EP, The Wisp Sings, early in November on Bluestack Records. Over the weekend, Culloty released his first music since then in the shape of ‘Lazy Beds’ and ‘Stacks, Mountains’. Together, they appear on a super-limited run of 15 7″ singles (and CD-Rs), released on the Belgium label I Will Play This Song Once Again Records. Each copy has a separate recording of both tracks, with no two the same. Judging by the versions that were uploaded to the label’s Soundcloud page, you can expect gently ruminating tales of love that has been lost, all played out on acoustic guitar. Apparently, the first song was written and recorded in about one hour, whereas the music for ‘Stacks, Mountains’ is about five years old. You can buy the ‘Lazy Beds’ single here.