We Cut Corners release second album Think Nothing on the Delphi label on April 25 (and May 12 in the UK). We’ve already heard ‘YKK‘ and ‘Every Thief‘, and now we get a taste of ‘Best Friend’. It’s a seething couple of minutes that revolve around the sneery advice: “Do you really want to sit around playing guitar.” Like both the debut album and those tracks we’ve already heard from Think Nothing, ‘Best Friend’ doesn’t deviate much from the We Cut Corners template – it’s short, sharp and, well, sits around playing guitar. From the press release: “Think Nothing was recorded in Donegal with Villager’s guitarist/producer Tommy McLaughlin and mixed by renowned producer Ben Hillier, who has worked with Blur, Depeche Mode, the Horrors and Elbow among other luminaries of indie music’s recent past. The album includes three songs for which the strings were scored by prolific contemporary Irish composer John Buckley, and recorded in Rathgar Methodist Church. Reflecting these collaborations, Think Nothing is a very different record from the first all whilst still recognisably their own. In these ten new songs, the band demonstrate the wide range of influences and ideas they have taken on since their debut.” ‘Best Friend’ will be released on February 24. Album tracklisting and Irish tour dates after the jump.

We Cut Corners Irish tour dates:
April 24: Cobblestone Joe’s, Limerick;
April 25: Roisin Dubh, Galway;
April 26: Crane Lane, Cork;
May 3: Voodoo, Belfast;
May 9: The Button Factory, Dublin;
May 16: The Spirit Store, Dundalk.

Think Nothing tracklisting:
1. ‘Wallflowers’
2. ‘Blue’
3. ‘Best Friend’
4. ‘Mammals’
5. ‘Maybe In The Future’
6. ‘This Is Then’
7. ‘Overtures’
8. ‘Every Thief’
9. ‘YKK’
10. ‘Hunger’