On Sleep Thieves‘ current pile of influeces, I think the Drive OST is resting on top. Judging by forthcoming single ‘City Of Hearts’, the Dublin trio would do a pretty good job of soundtracking a Ryan Gosling-starring, slow-building noir film. Previous single ‘Sparks‘ saw the band relishing in 80s synth and sound, and Sleep Thieves seem happy to stay there. The bass squelches along at a monotonous pace while Sorcha Brennan offers up a bunch of contradictions: “I wanted not to be lonely but still alone, walking slowly but nearing home.” Her sighs of “I wanted” then trail off, as if she’s not sure where she’ll go from here. Such a tale of unknowing is hardly new, feeling half alive at 24 or 25 – the Smiths revelled in it – but the way it’s wrapped up in an almost indistinguishable chorus, which sees Sorcha hit high notes you might only expect from the best alter boy in the class, serves to almost mask the solution to her problems. Completed by Wayne Fahy and Keith Byrne, Sleep Thieves release ‘City Of Hearts’ via the US label Minty Fresh Records tomorrow, February 25. An album follows later in the year.