Cork band Former Monarchs are gearing up to release their debut album, The Cost Of Living, in two weeks, on March 24. It’s been a few years in the making, with college and work commitments meaning practice sessions were only grabbed here and there. Former Monarchs have released a couple of EPs and ‘Origins’ is our first taster of new music in about two years. It continues in a similar vein to what’s come before: it’s a spiky, shouty affair which adds some orchestration to take things to the next level as Kevin Mulcahy proclaims that “the people losing time will ask us all to pray, but our shooting star means nothing to them these days”. In the vein of Pulled Apart By Horses and Reuben (I was listening to a lot of Reuben last week – what a band!), Former Monarchs’ new material was produced by Christian Best, responsible for O Emperor’s Vitreous and the Shaker Hymn’s forthcoming debut LP Rascal’s Antique. The video for ‘Origins’, meanwhile, was produced by Damien Murphy of Limbo and was performed at the Circus Factory by Heist Darling. Former Monarchs launch The Cost Of Living, whose artwork was done by Brad McLaughlin, in Cyprus Avenue on Saturday, April 19, with support from Lamp.