A joint venture by Cork’s Fifa Records and England’s Big Tea Records, Elastic Sleep are gearing up to release their debut EP on 10″ vinyl in the next few weeks. Title track ‘Leave You’ is already a live favourite, a heady mix of Muireann Levis’s dreamy vocals and a driving, focused rhythm. Elastic Sleep have already got an excellent couple of tracks on their Bandcamp page, including the stunning ‘You Only Live Twice’, and have, for better or worse, been tagged as a dream pop band. When I think of that genre, I’m inevitably drawn to the likes of Beach House and Tennis, but Elastic Sleep, no matter the connotations of their name, seem like they play a little harder than those two bands. On ‘Leave You’, Dan Walsh’s drums pound far harder than anything you’ll hear on Teen Dream, Chris Somers’ guitars are longing to soar, and occasionally do, and there’s nothing as naive as some of Tennis’s output. Muireann’s vocals, however, are dreamy and irresistible. But there’s so much more to Elastic Sleep than dream pop. ‘Leave You’ is example enough of that.