Superblondes have released a couple of singles and EPs over the past couple of years, all available over at their Bandcamp page. They’re currently working away on their debut album but wanted to showcase a recorded version of live favourite ‘Take and Take’ to whet the appetite. It’s got hints of the National, but with more flamboyant guitar noodling throughout. Eoin from the band says: “With this song we tried to go for a kind of surf/ambient vibe and I think it turned out pretty interesting, it has a different feel to the stuff that we’ve done before so it’s pretty exciting for us anyways!” I love the throwaway quality of the chorus: “We were hanging in some city acting fucking sleazy and I know you’re gonna leave me for another year.” It’s not quite slacker, though we are implored to “tell me how to follow through”. ‘Take and Take’ (get ready) just gives and gives (sorry). You can listen to it below, via Superblondes’ Soundcloud.