There are a lot of things to like about Dublin trio Turning Down Sex. First of all, the name stands out no matter what way you look at it (and judge them, no doubt. Secondly their Facebook address is ‘verycoolband’, which made me laugh. And their music does actually fit with the tunes you might expect from such a moniker. If they were called Saying Yes To Sex, you could imagine their music being disco-flared ‘do me on the dancefloor stuff’. But there’s something about Turning Down Sex that just conjures up images of something not being quite right – who turns down sex? Why is it being turned down? Who is being turned down, spurned and, presumably, turned off? Masterflesh comprises ‘Nests’ and ‘Cooperative Breeding’, two harsh, instrumental tracks that are in no way sexy. The opener meanders along taking tangents throughout before arriving at a thrillingly paced final 30 seconds or so. The latter track doesn’t let up, a pounding, intense headbanger. You can buy the Masterflesh EP at the Turning Down Sex Bandcamp page for whatever price you want. It was recorded by Brendan Jenkinson, mastered by Eoin Whitfield at the Hive Studios and the artwork is by Robert Ickis Mirolo.