Little Green Cars surely have one of the most ironic names of any Irish band in recent memory – there’s simply nothing small-scale about the Dublin five piece, swelled to six for the live show at Cork Opera House last Friday, March 14. Absolute Zero is a really good, powerful album, but Little Green Cars live is simply another level, one where Faye O’Rourke’s voice stands alone towering over all else, even those of us right at the high end of the venue. It lilts, swells and deepens over the course of just one verse, meaning the sound is sometimes playing catch up. Indeed, the most disappointing moments of the gig was when her voice was lost in the mix – and the chatter of the audience. The last time I saw Little Green Cars was Forbidden Fruit 2012, when they played a tent at about 6pm on the Saturday. There, they were aloof, quiet, unendearing, though they didn’t need to do anything because the songs were all there. On Friday in Cork, however, co-vocalist Stevie Appleby is personable, jokey and more than at home leading his troops through a 70ish-minute setlist that included a couple of new tracks that Little Green Cars have been working on over the past six or so weeks while holed up in a house in Wexford. I wasn’t taking notes, but ‘Easier Day’, the last of the new tracks aired, was the biggest, soaring choruses pervading over the pummelling musicianship. Come their Iveagh Gardens show in the summer, Little Green Cars are sure to be on an even higher plain. All pictures after the jump by Bríd O’Donovan.

Here’s the setlist via:
‘Clare of Lune’
‘Angel Owl’
‘Harper Lee’
‘Big Red Dragon’
‘Mom & Dad’
‘Goodbye Blue Monday’
‘The Kitchen Floor’
‘Easier Day’
‘My Love Took Me Down To The River (To Silence Me)’
‘The Consequences of Not Sleeping’
‘The John Wayne’