Cork-based artist Laurie Shaw is prolific. He released two albums last year, Exceptions and Deep Cuts. And now he’s uploaded his latest album Petra to YouTube. That’s an impressive workrate. What’s even more impressive is the high quality of the work. The likes of ‘Gorilla’ are supremely confident. ‘Ella In Blue’ tells of forbidden love: “Oh man, you’re my best friend, but Ella is your girl, and I want to be on her.” Shaw coos in the right places and is able to swagger when he needs to. ‘Little Lies’ has the same cocksure walk as Arctic Monkeys’ quieter moments from their latest album – with screeched backing vocals and all. “It’s time to get a grip or be gripped,” Shaw implores. I know what camp I’m in: Petra is an addictive, gripping listen from a prodigious talent. Thirteen tracks long, it’s impossible not to be impressed. Of the album, Shaw says: “It’s a bit of a departure from me other albums just in it’s a bit sunnier. I think I was a bit inspired by that short burst of hot weather we had a couple of weeks ago.” Laurie Shaw is from the Wirral in Liverpool, is based in Cork and records at the weekend at his parents’ home in Kerry. You can see him in live action at a free show in the Pavilion on Thursday, April 24, and the following day at the Rumble on Barrack Street in Mr Bradley’s.