I blogged about the Dublin artist Jon Dots in November 2011. His jittery pop songs had me hooked, but then he went to ground, deleting the tracks on Bandcamp. I hadn’t heard from him again until about a week ago when he emailed saying he had four new tracks on his Bandcamp page. Uploaded over six days and adorned with portraits of the musician (I assume; I’ve not met him) taken by Andrew Nuding, Jon Dots hasn’t lost the eclectic eccentricity that first grabbed my attention. The kitchen sink stomp of ‘Wandering’ is the pick of the four new tracks, with hints of Mystery Jets (whom I love) evident. ‘Jessica’ and the tongue-in-cheek ‘Handsome’ are jumpy pop songs that you could imagine shining through on daytime radio. ‘The Love We Need’ is a wonky love song: “What was it that the fortune teller said? The feather floats forever, unless it flies.” All four tracks are available for free download below or via Jon Dots’ Bandcamp page. Hopefully it won’t be so long until we hear from him again.