Featuring members of Girls Names, September Girls, Logikpary and Sea Pinks, there’s quite a bit going already for Cruising. They’re all going under monikers – Benzedrine Black, Sex Grimes, Dan Handle and Dick Vortex – so it’s hard to pin each member to which band, but judging by their first and only track online, ‘You Made Me Do That’, which has been floating around for a few months but is now set for a ‘super-limited’ cassette release on Soft Power Records, they like to make a racket. Imagine September Girls in the diviest of American biker bars, like Poppa Wheelie’s in the Simpsons, and you might get an idea of how sludgy and grungey the 3.40-minute track is. ‘You Made Me Do That’ is out on Soft Power Records, which has released a cassette and 7″ of September Girls, on April 28. Von Pip has more info on the track and the Al Pacino film from which the band’s name and the image is taken here, and the Thin Air has an interview with the band.