The Manchester-based record label Modern Love isn’t happy about Record Store Day, lending its voice – well, tweets – to a growing chorus of grumbling about the annual event, whose MO is to get people into record shops and support them. The problem is, how many of those prospective shoppers turn into return customers? Today, Modern Love tweeted their unhappiness with RSD. The tweets are copy/pasted here, with a little bit of punctuation added for posterity:

“Fuck record store day and all you self righteous wankers who think it benefits anyone “independent” and fuck you to all the pressing plants out there who have made major labels their priority… looking forward to seeing that bubble burst in a couple of years. Pressing plants and brokers need to ask themselves who kept them in business these last 15 years. If yr a record label and you cant get anything pressed up for months console yourself with the thought that at least the world will have:
– 5000 copies x Katy Perry Prism Picture Disc
– 7900 copies x Grateful Dead Live at Hampton Coliseum
– 2 x 12″3000 copies x Skrillex Recess Cassette
– 3000 copies x Aerosmith Rock in A Hard Place 12″
– 6000 copies x Jimi Hendrix Live at Monterey 12″
– 2500 copies x The Muppet Movie 12″

If yr a record label and you cant get anything out because of this shit, start shouting about it”

The label TriAngle Records replied: “3 of our upcoming releases had to be rescheduled after dates had already been set because of this. It’s total bullshit.”

There were similar grumblings about Record Store Day last year, and you can understand why. Chris Richards covered the argument for the Washington Post ahead of RSD13: “I feel like we have to participate at this point,” says Daisy Lacy, co-owner of Smash! Records in Adams Morgan. “I can’t imagine this will go on forever, but until then…” and “Sure, it’s a great day for record stores,” says Joshua Harkavy at Red Onion. “But there are 364 other days.” This year, there are already pieces like this one, titled ‘Can small record stores keep up with Record Store Day?‘ Expect to hear more on the matter over the next two weeks, as we approach April 19. How many of you are hoping to bag the Ghostbusters theme on glow-in-the-dark vinyl? Who says Record Store Day jumped the shark….