Paul Noonan has stepped away from Bell X1 for a sideproject he’s calling Printer Clips. He’s roped in plenty of friends for the project, including (deep breath): Joan As Policewoman, Martha Wainwright, Gemma Hayes, Amy Millan, Julia Stone, Danielle Harrison, Cathy Davey, Maria Doyle Kennedy and Caoimhin O’Raghallaigh. Oh my. ‘Apparatchik’ is the first track we’ve heard from Printer Clips and it features the lovely vocals of Lisa Hannigan – and sounds like some of the quieter moments on her last album. “I vow that one day we’ll be in charge,” the pair exclaim over an overtly orchestrated outro. It’s the opening track on Printer Clips’ first EP, The Left Sleeve, which is out digitally on April 25. The Right Sleeve EP follows on May 16 before the full, nine-track album is out on May 23. The band’s first gig will take place the following day, Saturday, May 24, in the National Concert Hall, where most of the guests will appear.