Donal Dineen’s Friday morning show on 2XM, Radio Activity, is one of the best on Irish radio, but is drawing to a close after two more shows. I thought it was actually ending a couple of weeks ago but it got a brief reprieve. Dineen was tweeting this morning while the show, which is repeated in a slightly condensed form on 2FM on Sunday from 10pm, was being recorded. The tweets are at the bottom of this post, and read:

“Tragically Radio Activity has only a few shows to go before it expires on 2XM & 2FM. Tune in & let’s go out with a bang. No whimpering here! There’s barely enough room in 3 hours for all this new music but we’ll be spinning WIFE, Gamertag, Ukkonen, Ellis Island Sound & Jamie XX. The reprieve was a stay of execution. Space for all things new and interesting is disappearing. The music is the last thing that matters. DJ-ing is storytelling as sound. We all abide by its magical power to say what words can’t. Radio is the perfect medium to spin those yarns. What’s happening is everything is turning out the same. Meanwhile, a golden generation of Irish musicians goes unheard. It’s a travesty. Thanks true believers for your support. I’ve had a good innings. The dimming of the light emitting radio beams makes it a dark day is all.”

It’s not the first time Dineen has made claims such as “space for all things and interesting is disappearing”; he said similar things when he exited Today FM. But it does show how Irish radio in 2014 is a race to the middle ground. There are fewer and fewer interesting voices on mainstream radio and even less interesting music on the stations. If 2FM think the future is Kian Egan, you wonder how much further Irish radio has to sink before it starts to dig itself out. In Cork, thankfully Red FM thought better of axing Stevie G, who had been with it from the start. Instead he has three shows from Friday to Sunday, playing the music that he enjoys. Sadly, that feels like the exception rather than the norm.

[Picture at top is Sunken Foal playing for Donal Dineen on one of his last shows on Today FM. Picture: Nialler9.]