Having started life as a four-piece guitar band, Rory Caraher and James Hyland have cut Peaks back to just the pair of them and some electronics. Their sound has slowly evolved into percussion-loving techno, as evidenced by two new tracks, ‘IJWU’ and ‘Barrels’. Things are not as hard, fast or technical as the likes of Lakker (my goodness, that Containing A Thousand EP!) but Peaks still scale some heights. The drum hits slowly slide into a rhythm that masks an evolution in the background of ‘IJWU’ while ‘Barrels’, like a lawnmower with a questionable motor, takes its time to get going, but when it does, when the hi-hat hits arrive halfway through, you’ll find it difficult to resist. The EP, out on iH Audio, is at once subtle and overt. A promising start for Peaks. You can download ‘IJWU/Barrels’ for free from Bandcamp and listen to more Peaks’ music at their Soundcloud page.