The excellent videographers Musicians With Cameras, who have shot the likes of Lisa Hannigan, VIllagers, Squarehead and so many more, took Conor Deasy aka Biggles Flys Again out to Iveagh Gardens in Dublin to perform a couple of new songs and talk about his musical career to date and into the future. While talking about how he’s not a piano player, which he realised at a young age, and discussing how Bruce Springsteen has informed his second album, which has yet to be recorded, Deasy performs ‘Free’ and ‘Here & Now’, lovely acoustic numbers that I’m looking forward to hearing a full band tackle in the studio. You can watch the eight-minute video below. Biggles’ first album is available to buy on Bandcamp.

“It’s sort of about just feeling like there’s something more, there must be other options than just what’s around you. And that’s easy to feel like there’s only one or two ways you can go in life terms or with your job or whatever, your circumstances.”