Keith Mannion aka Slowplacelikehome is gearing up to release his debut album, Romola, over the summer – about time. Today he’s unveiled its first single, ‘She Comes In Colour Stereo’. As the name suggests, its three-and-a-half minutes make sense with headphones on. It’s a dense song whose lyrics drift away as the instrumentation gets too much – you know there are words there but they’re so far in the distance. It sounds beautiful, as we’ve come to expect from SPLH over the course of his three EPs, and on the 2.22-minute mark goes for the jugular, aiming to win over the listeners who like it bigger, bigger, BIGGER. You want brass? OK have some brass. And then ‘She Comes In Colour Stereo’ is gone like colour stereo. Romola is out on Bluestack Records in the coming months.