Le Galaxie‘s MO in life is to get you to dance. “Come with us, do you see the electric light? Come with us and we will dance with the people of light,” they hipshook on ‘Beyond Transworld’, the second track on debut album Laserdisc Nights 2. “Tonight I feel it, tonight I feel we’re working overtime, all the time,” Laura Smyth prophesied on Fade 2 Forever‘s ‘The Nightcaller’, while Le Galaxie’s synths basically added: “so shut up and dance.” The first album is nearly three years old, and few would have foreseen Le Galaxie becoming the incendiary live dance band that they became – their Electric Picnic 2012 performance was the highlight of the festival for me. And yet here we are, and suddenly there’s pressure on Le Galaxie to keep the party going and to prove they’ll survive. And so to ‘Humanise’, a new track off their forthcoming album ‘Le Club’ (I don’t know if ‘Lucy Is Here‘ will feature on said release). “Do you feel it or am I dreaming?” Michael intros, immediately conjuring up those moments on the dancefloor where everyone is dancing as one, hips in unison, arms akimbo and underarm sweat not a problem here. We may not be in your standard Irish club, where the best you can hope for is to escape without an elbow in the eye. “I need your body, let’s start the sequence to the limit of love,” he implores, with a shot to the heart. Alongside epic key strokes, we’re treated to the refrain/mantra: “Do it not, do it now, do it now, discover how.” Le Galaxie don’t want this night to fail. You HAVE to take their hand – being left behind, standing at the wall like a robot, is not an option. You’ve got to humanise! “Is high technology depersonalising music or instead is music serving to humanise the machine,” goes a spoken-word section – Le Galaxie and their fans already know the answer to that question. ‘Humanise’ is a big song. “You’ve got to do it now, you’ve got to do it now, you can discover how.” Resistance is futile, get in Le Club!

Le Galaxie live dates:
May 30: Bandon Music Festival, Co Cork
May 31: Debarra’s Bandon, Co Cork
July 18: Longitude Festival, Dublin