James Kelly may have ditched metal when he laid Alter of Plagues to rest, but on ‘Tongue, the Cork artist behind the Wife moniker shows that he’s kept some tenets of the genre. It may not be as loud as even the quietest track from Alter of Plagues (did they have one?), but it’s certainly got an intensity that is impossible to ignore. “It’s easier to take a fall in front of you,” he woos amid fiddling atmospherics and a sparse pot drum sound to start things off. At the 1.27-mark, we hear the line again, but this time it’s snarled. At about 3.28, we’re back where we started, a sighed repeat of a line that Kelly associates with haunting, failed love. In between those three minutes, we’re taken through the ruins of a relationship where “It has begun to try and still I wonder why about the things it’s done and the hands that hold my tongue.” Dwarfing this sadness is a heavy, hyperactive percussive element and piercing flashes of what almost sounds like an alarm. ‘Tongue’ is an immersive experience and one that shows off Kelly’s vocal talents, particularly where he duals with himself near the end. Added to ‘Heart Is A Far Light‘, Wife’s debut album out on June 10, entitled What’s Between and which was produced by Wife, the Haxan Cloak, lie & Roly Porter, is sure to be an engrossing and rewarding affair.