Judging by what Michael Broderick tells us throughout ‘Moosehead’, Spies might not make the most entertaining of dinner guests. “We’ve got flashcards for this evening’s conversations,” he admits at the beginning of the Dublin band’s new single, a tightly wound, jittery four minutes. And while they’re not great with conversation, they’re also not great with trying to get the score: “My mind’s a freight train of thought that catches no one’s but brushes off all skin.” All you’d want to do after ‘Moosehead’ is give the Spies lads a big hug and tell them it’ll be OK. Eschewing any hint of machisno to follow the woe-is-me example of Morrissey, musically, the 3.50-minute track oozes confidence, with a chorus – “there on the eastern border, there on the eastern shore” – that has the same seagazing sentiment as one of their previous singles, ‘Distant Shorelines‘. Over the sea is where salvation lies, “where the lovers collide but you won’t see the divide”. Alas, Spies are stuck where at home, unable to escape. A great live band, you can see Spies play ‘Moosehead’ from Other Voices earlier in the year here.