We got our first taste of Chrystyne in early December when Diamond Dagger and Goodtime revealed ‘Time Is An Arrow‘. A restrained four and a half minutes that occasionally breaks free, it’s an infectious debut song. Its blueprint is followed on ‘Illusion’ with hip-swaggering disco flashes longing to break free. “I’ve gotta get out of here somehow,” Goodtime sings, channelling Freddie Mercury’s cry of freedom in ‘I Want To Break Free’. He can’t sleep, can’t dream and wants to come down, he tells us in the chorus. “Soon you’ll find you’ll know where to be found,” he muses, blowing the minds of all the philosophising hippies out there. Diamond Dagger’s production, meanwhile, channels the likes of Ships (who were huge at Body & Soul a couple weeks ago), which is no bad thing. The first 50 downloads of ‘Illusion’ are free over on Chrystyne’s Bandcamp page, and you can listen to the song below.