The Sunday School Sessions is a recording process that has taken place since 2011 and features some of my favourite Irish acts, such as Hidden Highways (pictured above at the sessions), the Crayon Set and Ambience Affair. Now they want to get the music out there and have launched a Fund It campaign to help them out. They’re looking for €2000 to press and package the record and get them “started on a little tour of the country”. Rewards include tickets to a Sunday School Sessions show, a record of the album, prints and a personal thank you. You can contribute to the album and tour here.

Here’s what they say in the Fund It presser: “The name grew from the joke that the music was “extracurricular” to our writing and playing in other bands. Under the production of Ian Mc Nulty (Ambiance Affair, Hidden Highways) the recording sessions quickly evolved into a coherent set of songs and the limited timescale of weekends meant that there was much tracking live from the studio floor. Now we would all like to see the music out there and we need your help to do just that.

“The recording costs have already been covered and the mastering has been paid for but we need your help to press and package the record and to get us started on a little tour of the country. By availing of the reward scheme here you can help us get this done!

“We are also planning a live show to showcase the material but also we wish to show off the talents off the musicians and songwriters who came to perform in the sessions. The live show will incorporate material from Hidden Highways, Carol Anne Mc Gowan, Ger Gormley and Tim V. Smyth mixed together with ensemble performances both of the music on the record and music from the respective songwriters.

“It is our hope that the record will not just be an end point in a collaboration but will provide a portal for new audiences to discover the music of the respective musicians whom came together to share their talents on the project. Having a live and performing group will help build a relationship with audiences as the live realm of performing has no substitution for making real and lasting connections with people.

“So to help bring the full Sunday School Sessions experience to fruition – please see our list of rewards and see which one is best suited to your interest and/or pocket! We look forward not only to seeing the fully packaged record, but also getting out around the country to meet the people who supported this project. Happy listening and THANK YOU!”