A few things to note about Guy Montag before we start: Their debut EP, which you can stream below, is probably the best title you’ll come across this year – We Lost Our Singer In Oman. Secondly, a three-piece from Clare who play instrumental rock music? Why, that sounds an awful lot like C!ties, who played their last gig in January. Yup. Guy Montag, from Ennis, feature Ian Malone, formerly of C!ties, on drums. Completed by Alan Rooney on guitar and Colin Clancy on bass, Guy Montag have been going about a year and have just released their debut EP, six tracks that don’t mess about unless it’s with their titles; for example, ‘Tetris Champion’ and ‘I Have A Cigar, I Know What I’m Talking About’. There’s a trail of funk running through proceedings, but don’t let that put you off. Things are generally intense, fast and loud, as you might expect with a band following in C!ties’ footsteps. I look forward to hearing where they go next – and seeing them live. Recorded and mixed by Roger Kelly of the Galway Music Academy, you can download We Lost Our Singer In Oman below, via Bandcamp, on a name-your-price basis.