A five piece from Dublin, Slackers Symphony, despite the name, provide the perfect antidote to the mid-afternoon slump. Their two-track debut EP is a shot to the system, with the romp-a-stomp ‘Episode In Denial’ and its obnoxiously upbeat chorus impossible to resist. Ed Grannell’s echoey vocals steal a note or two from James Mercer of the Shins, which is a very welcome influence, and their pop ideals seem to have come just in time to soundtrack the summer. Completed by James Grannell, Nathan Maher, Donal Pywell and Brian Mannion, Slackers Symphony have been together about a year. Brothers Ed and James have been playing together a while, a spell which has included them brandishing acoustic guitars. They’re from Cork, but moved to Dublin where they met the other lads and decided they were all slackers. “Wake me up when I’m a go-getter,” Ed declares on ‘Episode In Denial’, a line which somehow acts as both a call to action and a plea to be left alone. On their Facebook page, they list Cork band the Great Balloon Race as an influence, and there are parts of the song which don’t sound too far removed from one of their new tracks. Ultimately what we’re left with is a stellar introduction to Slackers Symphony, who go even more direct on ‘Technology’. You can download their EP below for €2.