I blogged about Wicklow producer Sliab) Cuinciu back in December. He’s been steadily uploading tracks to Soundcloud since and now, having dropped the ‘Sliab’, he’s released a very full sounding three-track EP. Face Facts draws on tenets of disco, 80s synth pop and hip hop as Ross McDonald creates a satisfying 15 minutes. Donnchadh Grant of The Whipround adds guitars on the opening and closing tracks, with vocoder vocals hidden in there too. McDonald ploughs similar territory to the likes of Irish producers Ships, though is a little more subdued, and his tunes wouldn’t be too out of place lined alongside those of Adultrock. It’s cool to see and hear his development even over the last six months, and ‘Dayglo’ is an instant favourite. You can download the Face Facts EP on Cuinciu’s Bandcamp page for free.