When he’s not riding around Dublin in a Luchador mask, Bantum is making music – and sometimes doing his best Prince impression, as at Castlepalooza over the weekend. With vocals courtesy of Eimear O’Donovan and Owensie, ‘Roll Part II’ featured on his debut album Legion, released in October 2012 and it’s now got a video, filmed on top of a Brooklyn building as two friends – Kim Goings and LeAnne Russell – reunite. But it’s not a happy meeting.

Bantum’s put up an EP featuring ‘Roll Part II’ and a newly reworked ‘Dice’, which you’ll recognise from the album too. It’s now got added vocals from Eimear O’Donovan, which takes it to a new level as it floats like a feather. There’s also a near-10-minute live version of ‘Roll Part II’ recorded live at Mabos. You can download the EP on a name-your-price basis at Bantum’s Bandcamp page.